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              Textile Business: How To Emerge Stronger Through Business Process Innovations

              Welcome to the first episode of Textile Excellence Presents the Textile Chat Show. We bring to you the path-breaking strategies and innovations of four...

              India’s Textiles Ministry Vows To Work Closely With Apparel Exporters

              As the Covid-19 pandemic tightens its grip across the world, India’s apparel exporters are faced with the bleak prospect of order cancellations. India’s Union...

              BGMEA Pleads With Western Buyers To Not Cancel Orders

              As the Covid-19 pandemic spreads, apparel shopping globally has come to a near standstill. This has led many international brands to cancel garment orders...

              Airjet Weaving Innovation Preview By Picanol

              https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddxjr1ZA28M Picanol to premiere an exciting Innovation in Airjet Weaving at ITMA 2019 Barcelona. The machine in OmniPlus-i Series sets new benchmarks and debuts for...

              ITM 2020: THE GREAT IDEA

              Want to be a partner for this GREAT IDEA? Let's meet between June 2 - 6, 2020 in ?stanbul www.itm2020.com“The Great Idea”, focuses on...

              High Quality Fabric Processing: Indonesia Based Harapan Kurnia Trusts On Brueckner’s Stenter

              Harapan Kurnia is an Indonesia based high quality fabric producer and is one of the leaders of Indonesia’s textile industry. The 45 year old...

              Rieter Rotor Spinning Machine R 66 – Modern Rotor Spinning Technology

              The fully automatic rotor spinning machine R 66 sets the standard for quality and productivity. The new spin box S 66 ensures high spinning...

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